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This heart-racing 90 minute experience gives you the chance to try your hand at one of the fastest growing combat sports in the country. The session starts with a short safety briefing, but once everybody's up to speed it's time to get the action under way! Working in teams of 5 you have two main objectives: the first is to eliminate as many players as possible by nailing them with a safe arrow, the second is to take out your opponents five disc target. There's more than one way to eliminate your opponents though, and if you catch an enemy's arrow they're out. So if you want to put your survival skills to the ultimate test combat archery is the ultimate game of elimination!

Venue Details

A fun mix of Paintball and Archery coupled with the chaotic rules of Dodgeball, Combat Archery is one of the best group activities around! Each team, consisting of 5 players, has a ‘5-Spot Knockout Target’ and there are 2 objectives when playing the game. Working together with your team, you must fire the foam-tipped arrows and tag your opponent to eliminate them or knock down the five discs of the opposing team's target. If you catch an opponents arrow, they’ll be out and you can tag one of your own players back in from the dead! When you arrive at our Combat Archery venue in York, you’ll be presented with a full safety briefing from our qualified instructors whilst being equipped with all the latest safety gear needed to participate.

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