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From 'Dino Land' to 'Ten Fathoms Deep', there's plenty of awesome Escape Games for you to take part in at our fantastic Gravesend - St Georges site. Each of our exciting games provides a challenge from the very start. So, whether it's your first escape game or your fiftieth, you're sure to have an experience that you'll remember for years to come. You'll be solving puzzles, searching for clues, and so much more. So, if it's a true mental challenge you're in search of, that's exactly what you can expect! Don't delay any further, head on down and immerse yourself in all of the brain-busting action now!

There's no need to bring any equipment along to your Escape Game experience, our fantastic Gravesend - St Georges venue provides everything you need to take part in your session. There's nearby parking spaces available just a short walk away, and we've got on-site toilets available too.

£ Prices

From £22.50pp

Dino Land

A state of the art facility is on the lookout for new rangers, and you've got your sights set on becoming one of them. But, a tough first day awaits you as the sirens begin blaring and the dinosaurs escape. You'll need to work fast in order to ensure your safety - restoring the park's security before the dinosaurs take over the park. Coming eye to eye with prehistoric creatures, you're sure to have an adventure like no other with our fantastic Dino Land escape game. Lasting for around 75 minutes in total, players aged eight and above are able to take part, with no previous experience required. Advertised price is based on 8ppl. If group sizes are less than 8ppl the pricing will be as follows: 7ppl = £23.99pp 6ppl = £24.99pp 5ppl = £26.99pp 4ppl = £29.50pp 3ppl = £34.50pp 2ppl = £47.50pp


  • person Age: From 8
  • people Group Size: From 2 Up To 8

From £18.99pp

Ten Fathoms Deep

Providing a truly competitive experience from start to finish, two rival crews will battle it out to ensure their escape in the only emergency escape pod that remains on the submarine. The hull is about to give in and the safety glass is close to cracking. You've got no time to waste as you set your sights on reaching the surface. Otherwise, you face drowning and sealing your fate! Two identical rooms will see you facing off against your rivals. But, the question remains, will you be on the winning side? If you're aged 10 and over, you'll be able to find out exactly that in this hour long experience.


  • person Age: From 10
  • people Group Size: From 10 Up To 10

From £17.50pp

The Loop

Frontier Engineering are a research company tackling the unknowns of science one paradox at a time. They remain in search of teams to undertake a one hour trial of a mysterious and powerful device known only as 'The Unit'. Transporting yourself into Frontier's laboratory, you'll be in for a crazy yet exciting science fiction adventure from the very start. Along the way, you'll encounter many impossible places, before a huge twist that will blow your mind! If you think you're ready to take it on, then it's time to enter The Loop! This game is suitable for those aged 10 and over.


  • person Age: From 10
  • people Group Size: From 8 Up To 8

From £17.50pp


Under orders to uphold national defence through intercepting and deciphering intelligence, a small group of cryptographers have been stationed within the Bletchley National Defence Cybersecurity Unit. However, trouble soon began as one of the cryptographers uncovered a threat to the Government network - discovering that the traitor was part of the team! The suspects have been narrowed down to five by your commander. But, the commander has swiftly disappeared. It's your task to figure out who the traitor is and escape before the time runs out. Suitable for players aged 10+, you've got one hour to achieve your goal.


  • person Age: From 10
  • people Group Size: From 8 Up To 8

From £17.50pp

Revolucion Olé

El Presidente has fled to safety after his palace had been stormed. But, he'll soon be back, only this time, he'll have reinforcements. With ongoing riots in the streets, the people are demanding immediate reforms, otherwise, the violence will continue. In order to secure your escape before the president's return, you'll need to win over the most influential people and get them to join you on your quest for safety. Working against the clock, you've got one hour to avoid being kicked out of the palace and arrested. Players aged 10 and over are able to take part in this action-packed experience.


  • person Age: From 10
  • people Group Size: From 8 Up To 8

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Our fantastic Escape Game venue is located in the heart of Gravesend. So, there's a range of excellent facilities nearby including plenty of shops, restaurants, the Town Pier, and much more. There's no need for you to bring anything either, as full equipment is provided for your Escape Game experience.

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