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Exeter’s largest escape game experience located in the heart of the city on Fore Street. You have 60 minutes to use elements of the room to solve puzzles and clues to earn your freedom! Available over 4 identical rooms for a multi-escape experience - 24 player capacity! The rooms all feature authentic props and sets too, which makes the games even more immersive. So get ready to search for clues, solve puzzles and unearth mysteries as you push your logic and lateral thinking to the limit!


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From £31.99pp


Professor Pottenger has been kidnapped by unknown assailants - disappearing without a trace. He's a time-travelling super genius, but his captors proved to be all too much for him. The hideout of the assailants has been located, but Professor Pottenger is nowhere to be found. Entering the hideout and setting your sights on obtaining vital intelligence, you'll need to do all that you can to unearth this peculiar mystery - discovering the whereabouts of Pottenger, finding out who kidnapped him, and who they work for. You only have a limited amount of time to reach your goal, so you better work fast!


  • person Age: From 14
  • people Group Size: From 3

From £31.99pp


You are respected scientists individually working on secret government funded projects in laboratories located in an abandoned Westquay, central Southampton. One of the scientists, Professor Samuel Pottenger, has just been dragged kicking and screaming along the corridor by unknown armed assailants. Pottenger is known to you as a very level headed man of immense intelligence and absolutely not one prone to an emotional outburst… Discover his secret.


  • person Age: From 14
  • people Group Size: From 3

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  • Exeter
  • Devon
  • EX4 3HR.
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